Nincada is the only Pokémon to have a higher base stat total than its evolved form, as it has 30 more.


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zip file in the mirror that has "dynamic" in the file name.

Edit: I just googled it and apparently the Gender isn't a deciding factor if you use a Ditto.

Only works with natives mons available in Pokémon Infinite Fusion! Calculator created by SDM0, IF fangame calculator owned by Aegide ( here) The data is based on generation 8, to help with the custom showdown server. . The following Item Modifier codes rely on the same initial code.


When used in a trainer battle, Teleport becomes a base 50 two-turns attacking move. Generated sprites in red are from Japeal. .

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from the Infinite Fusion Discord and Reddit.


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In fact, its body appears to be merely a hollow shell.
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Rare Candy.

What Pokemon Can Learn Cut.


Ninjask is a small, cicada-like Pokémon with two pairs of wings. If you did have normal pokeballs, then you might not of had space in your party. The data.

Just change the YYYY to the specific code of the item that you want. If I have a nincada fused with something else will I still get a Shedinja when the nincada evolves comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Stunfisk. Rotom and Golurk are two examples that can only be bred with a Ditto. The data used is from the game Pokemon Infinite Fusion, but is mostly based on generation 5 The sprites shown here were mostly made by members of the IF Discord, with some also coming from the IF Reddit community. .

In my experience most legendary fusions are genderless if you use the legendary as the body, but it's more complicated if you use them as the head, most times they get the gender of the Pokémon used as a body, sometimes they don't.

The attack lands without fail. A few moves in Pokémon Infinite Fusion have altered from main series games.

Even with normal Pokémon the gender is.

You can also explore some iconic areas and interact with other characters.

Joltik + Nincada Jolcada > www.

In Generation, I to III Cut is used to removing obstacles such as trees that block your way.